10 sometimes hilarious things about getting a spray tan in Bangkok

Yes, it’s a specialty item but yes, you can get a spray tan in Bangers – which is ideal if you ran out of time pre-departure and are headed for Thailand’s famous beaches. Or are going to a travel writers’ convention and are glowingly white and tower like a lily-hued giant over other people at the best of times and need to go a shade darker simply so you don’t look like a giantess alien who has come to eat everyone when it’s group photo time. So this is what I learned when I gave it a red-hot go.

1 There appears to be only one place to get a tan

2 Thai people really do get tans

3 Farang (foreigners) sweat like crazy in Bangkok

4 Sweaty farang should think twice about using public transport

5 If you think you stand out as a tourist in Bangkok already, just try looking like a tourist who’s just committed a (confusingly brown-tinged) murder


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