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Photography Awards 2019 

Entries for 2019 now open

WIN a commission as a travel photographer for The Travel Ten!

We've had our eye on you lot. We've seen your pics on Instagram and Facey. You've got talent! So in the spirit of this website being a two-way street, we feel confident in offering this chance to publish your photos here.

Here's how it works: 

Gather together up to 3 of your very best travel snaps and send them to us. Entry is free, but please – no more than 3 or we're going to both disqualify you and go and cry in the corner with a glass of gin. 

Every quarter we will be featuring 10 of our best entries so far, and the overall winning photographer for 2019 will win a paid commission 

Get your travel photographer on. Send us your best pics to get featured on this very website; plus the best of the year wins a paid commission for a travel photo essay, published here! Worth it! 

The Ten is the bastard lovechild of the listicle generation, with career travel writer, photo+videographer and Aussie content maven Jac Taylor at the helm and a host of crazy passionate travellers sharing their invaluable tips too.


The Ten is about spending your last dollar on a sale fare to Bangkok; sleeping rough just to see the stars, then luxuriating in five of them the very night after. It's travelling smart with a smart mouth, keeping your wits and your wittiness about you, but giving love and respect to this incredible planet, its fauna and its folk. 

More than anything, the Ten is a two-way street. We're all about the conversation – check out our socials, our workshops, our upcoming trips and specialty tours, and connect with us any way you like. If you'd like to become a contributor,
drop us a line, show us your chops, and let's talk. 

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