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The Ten is the bastard lovechild of the listicle generation, with career travel writer, photo+videographer and Aussie content maven Jac Taylor at the helm and a host of crazy passionate travellers sharing their invaluable tips too.


The Ten is about spending your last dollar on a sale fare to Bangkok; sleeping rough just to see the stars, then luxuriating in five of them the very night after. It's travelling smart with a smart mouth, keeping your wits and your wittiness about you, but giving love and respect to this incredible planet, its fauna and its folk. 

More than anything, the Ten is a two-way street. We're all about the conversation – check out our socials, our workshops, our upcoming trips and specialty tours, and connect with us any way you like. If you'd like to become a contributor,
drop us a line, show us your chops, and let's talk. 

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